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Case Study: Rose Duong – Clothes Loop Creator

Rose Duong

Rose Duong is a RMIT industrial design graduate. It was while attending university she discovered her passion to change the way people think about fashion and the clothes we buy.  “I want to change the way we involve ourselves with fashion. I want to address clothing practices from the tech side, using technology to aid our clothing habits.”

The Clothes Loop was founded by Rose in 2014. The online platform provides people with an opportunity become a part of an online community, allowing people to buy and swap their clothing with someone with a similar size and fashion style. Rose has limited the online trading of clothes to her retail brand to ensure the quality of clothing for customers.   You can check out her website here.

Rose’s inspiration for the website came from her desire to address the issue of the disposal of old clothes. By creating the concept of trading clothes online, she hopes to reduce the impact of clothes wastage on the environment and increasing sustainability in fashion retail.

Rose believes the retail market is moving towards ‘a share economy.’ Rather than buying items that pile up in our wardrobes, we can pass it along to someone else in a responsible way”

As a young entrepreneur, Rose has developed an online community, allowing people to connect and share their interests in fashion while also contributing to a more sustainable way of buying and selling clothing.

Rose is a great example of a young entrepreneur that was able to create her own success story by staying true to her passion and values. At EntreprenHer, we work with young girls who have their own passions. We have a dedicated team of entrepreneurs and mentors that can help guide young girls to pursue these passions. To learn more about EntreprenHer and how to join the team, click here.  

Article written by Shahn Lush for EntreprenHer.


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