You’ll become part of a 12-month program that will teach you about Business, Innovation, Creativity, Careers of the Future, and Valuable Life Skills.

Our program is totally fun and interactive, not just sitting around listening. Boring? No way! We’ll keep you engaged, inspired and laughing with games, quizzes, music, dance and more.

Plus, you’ll get to learn how to start a business, what being an entrepreneur means, and find out the skills you need to develop to get you there!

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School Programs

We kick start your EntreprenHer™ program with a 6 week program that takes place in schools, community groups, or in some cases online.
These are foundational sessions that will change your life, improve your happiness and set you up for a life you love.
Holiday Workshops

We are currently running 2-day Intensive Holiday Workshops in Melbourne and Hobart, with plans for Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide in 2018.
Amazing Community

You’ll become part of something bigger, meet like-minded girls in a supportive, encouraging environment. No judgement here! Just encouragement, motivation and inspiration.
IRL Events

In 2018 we’ll be hosting quarterly Inspiration and Connection events in major cities especially for all our EntreprenHer™ girls.

Fun, Fun, Fun…

We do games, lessons, inspiration and hands-on activities to help set you up for your future… and laughter and celebration is part of what we do – oh, with cupcakes and chocolate of course!

Thank you for sharing the past two days and thank you for sharing all your knowledge and your stories. We have learned how to be young confident independent women all thanks to you guys.

Taylah (14)

I learned there’s a lot to starting a business – more than just having a great idea.

My daughter said the workshop was confidence building and she learned to construct a business plan and analyse what would be the biggest challenges and how to overcome these. My daughter also said that day 1 was fun and empowering, day 2 she couldn't wait to get to because it focused more on business and "finances". She loved the workshop.