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Case Study: Noa Mintz – Founder of ‘Nannies by Noa’

Noa Mintz Founder of Nannies by Noa

Noa Mintz, this week’s pick for Inspiring Entrepreneur, founded ‘Nannies by Noa’ at the age of 12. She was inspired when challenged to look for a better babysitter for her family, and later on finding one for her mother’s friend. She enjoyed getting to know and helping a family while matching them with appropriate babysitter. Due to her young age, her main support comes from her family – her father set up and registered the business for her before legal age. Mintz prides herself on the high standards and quality of her babysitters.

Her mother described her as a ‘natural-born serial entrepreneur’, always trying to start mini-companies at age of 6. She has always known what she wanted to do, instead of turning hobbies into business. As her Nannies by Noa business started to grow, she decided to hire a Chief Executive for her business, allowing her to devote more time to her studies, freeing her from having to handle the ‘excruciating hours’ and ‘hundreds of emails’ she was fielding per day.

Mintz encourages other teens to ‘reach for the stars, but start very small and you can eventually get big.’ ‘Be patient and really seek out help from your family.’ More importantly, Noa says ‘I think it’s important to always make sure you enjoy yourself, because then you’ll be happy and passionate about what you are doing.’


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Article by Adrienne Tsai for EntreprenHer.

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