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Case Study: Morgan Hipworth – Bistro Morgan

Young Entrepreneurs


At just 15 years of age, highschool student, Morgan Hipworth, started his own donut business – Bistro Morgan. His donuts have gained heaps of popularity in Melbourne where he has set up his own shop in Windsor. You can see his work here: https://bistromorgan.com.au/

Morgan’s idea of creating awesome donuts stemmed from his love for cooking. He started by supplying his own cakes, tarts, friands and brownies to a local café who then asked him to make them some donuts. At that stage I’d never made a doughnut in my life. They asked me to make one, and then they wanted them each week. I started off with jam, custard, and caramel. One thing led to another. Word got out pretty fast and soon we were supplying to 10 cafes”.

As any teenage entrepreneur, Morgan faces the challenge of getting others to believe in him and taken seriously due to his age. But this hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his passion. Morgan was driven enough to do his own research and learn how to set up an ABN and invoicing system. His hard work and determination convinced his parents to help him set up his own shop. “I didn’t shut up about a shop. I would present my parents figures, break-even points, and so on around the dinner table every night. I didn’t stop until I got it”.

Bistro Morgan’s success didn’t come without help. His mum helps him pack and deliver orders since he doesn’t have a license to drive whilst his dad assisted with renovation of the shop which cost $30,000.

Morgan takes his business very seriously and has plenty of fun doing it. Whilst he does have friends and school, he chooses to spend all his time in the kitchen and constantly learning all the ins and outs of running a business. It is obvious that Morgan is continuing to push himself and is motivated by Bistro Morgan’s success. His advice for young entrepreneurs is If you know what you like doing there’s no point holding back”.

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Article by Liem Bui for EntreprenHer.


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