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Case Study: Jessica Moody – Deafferent Theatre

Jessica Moody

Jessica Moody’s passion for theatre began at an early age, starring in her first on-stage performance as Snow White in primary school. This growing passion eventually leads to the creation of Deafferent Theatre, a theatre that caters to deaf and hard-of-hearing theatre lovers.

“It came about essentially us seeing a whole bunch of shows that weren’t done very well and just seeing a gap in terms of opportunities” – Jessica Moody

Her passion was soon transformed into a career in the theatre industry, with a niche target audience.

Jessica’s grew up drawn to storytelling in any shape or form, reading and writing stories as a youngster and would perform in front of her nana with her brother. Her motivation stems from her desire to help the less fortunate; “I would love to be able to just give more opportunities for other deaf and hard-of-hearing people to engage with the theatre and be in the theatre” and hopes she can set a precedent for other theatre companies to follow.

Working with hearing impaired individuals can be challenging in terms of communication. This was overcome by having multi-lingual cast and crew capable of catering to their needs. She did face other obstacles too and had to bargain, sacrifice and negotiate throughout her journey. Her insecurities made for an uncomfortable creative process but was able to overcome this obstacle with the help of her mentor.

Deafferent Theatre had a table at the Deaf Expo, as well as other conferences such as the Creative Summit and event went to win the 2016 Melbourne Fringe ‘Best Emerging Producer Award’.

Jessica’s advice to other young females wishing to pursue a career in arts is to; “Surround yourself with other creative feminine hearts; see, talk, read, do s much as you can about the arts; sow and toil then you will reap; and above all, never be ashamed of your beautiful creativity.”

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Article written by Vahid Sohraby for EntreprenHer.


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