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Case Study: Alyssa Carson – A 16 Year Old Aspiring Astronaut

Alyssa Carson

Always follow your dream and dont let anyone take it from you.”  — Alyssa Carson

At the age of three, Alyssa Carson was inspired by Nickelodeon TV show, The Backyardigans, and dreamt to be the first one to step on Mars. At just 16 years old, Alyssa from Louisiana, is currently an American trainee astronaut and a public speaker.

Her passion and urge to learn more about space motivated her to complete all the NASA Space Camp programs including the Space camps in Turkey and Canada. She has been to Space Camp in Huntsville Albama eleven times, Space Academy three times, and Robotics Academy three times. Not only did she want to gain immense knowledge about the subject but also understood the importance of learning new languages for an Astronaut who has to communicate with fellow astronauts from all over the world. Alyssa speaks three languages – French, Spanish and Chinese. She also studies various subjects in these languages.

In October 2013, Alyssa became the first person to complete the NASA’s Passport Program. This showcased her determination and enthusiasm towards space and astronomy. Along with aspirations of stepping on Mars, Alyssa hopes to motivate young kids to be anything they want. In one of her interviews Alyssa mentioned, “Pick a subject you are really interested in school and stick with it and do really well. Then find a career that aligns with your interest and then go for it. Dont let anyone tell you that you cant do it. Just focus on what you love and your goals and youll be able to do it.” At such a young age, Alyssa shows high levels of maturity and character. In October 2016, Alyssa was the youngest to graduate the Advanced Possum Academy, which officially certified her to go to space.

Above all, Alyssa is driven by the desire to live life to the fullest, to break the boundaries of possibilities and create a lasting impact on the world.

Alyssa has shown us immense drive and passion to pursue her dreams. At EntreprenHer, we aim to work with young girls to help nurture their passions and dreams into something that is achievable. If you would like to learn more about EntreprenHer and how to get started, click here

Article written by Payal Davda for EntreprenHer.


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