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Case Study: Aija Mayrock – Writer and Activist

Aija Mayrock

Aija Mayrock achieved huge entrepreneurial success in 2014 when she self-published her book “The Survival Guide to Bullying” which was snapped up by Scholastic shortly after it was published. Aija Mayrock now is a college student who made it her mission to raise her voice for the voiceless.

Not everything has been so positive throughout her life. She was bullied throughout her entire school life, from elementary school to high school. However, she says, she doesn’t take it personal, as she just was the unfortunate girl they decided to be mean to.

When she won the Silver Medal of the Scholastic Art & Writing award in the Poetry category in 2013, she describes this moment as “the moment that changed my life and gave me the confidence to write the first page of this book” (PR Newswire, 2015).

With this book she hit the jackpot. Writing from her own experiences, including poems and other personal artwork touched many people’s hearts and piqued interest. Her book got translated into 14 languages and is incorporated in school systems in the US. She was only 16 when she wrote it!

Aija Mayrock is now going to college in New York but besides studying, she also is an “international spokeswoman for combating bullying” (Palm Beach Daily News). Previously, she spoke for United Nations and several other big organizations, currently planning on a project with UNICEF. She has appeared in quite a few US TV shows and in teenage magazines.

Besides public speaking and being an author, Aija Mayrock is also a screenwriter, filmmaker and actress – all at 22 years of age.

Her passion really lays with rising her voice for others, all done through her art. In an interview with Penn State News in November 2017 she said: ”Whenever I speak to young people about starting their own global initiative as working toward their dreams, I try to remind them of the importance of breaking through the noise in a way that’s true to yourself and your mission, and not sacrificing your beliefs.”

It is important to her to use “social media and technology to empower students”. She was not only victim to bullying in person, but also on social media – which doesn’t stop when you leave school but stays with you 24/7. It is important to her to raise awareness for cyber bullying.

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Article written by Johanna Schick for EntreprenHer.


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