Purpose. Pursuit. Passion. Impact. Fruitfulness. Connection. Hope

What We Do

We transform the anxiety of youth, worries about the future into dreams and workable ideas for a wonderful life.
We show how to use life’s most difficult experiences to be part of a solution for great social change.

Why Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship changes the world, not government or policy.
We help girls see they don’t have to sort out all the problems in the world, they can work on one thing at a time.

Lasting Impact

We believe that as we touch a single life – we impact the families, the communities and future generations through those who they are connected with.

Real-Life Skills

We address the biggest challenges girls of this generation face by teaching life-skills, problem-solving, vocational skills of the future, while building confidence, community and relational literacy.

What Will You Learn?

How to Build Confidence that Lasts

Being assertive (not aggressive) as a woman so the world doesn’t ignore you and you get what you want.

How to use your most difficult life experiences to build your future.

We help you see that to make a difference you don’t have to sort everything out right away. Entreprenuership is solving one thing at a time.

How to Motivate, Manage and Market Yourself

Understand the difference between being motivated and making yourself do something.

Speak up, step out, take a risk, learn from failure, and get back up!

Set goals, open doors and keep pushing until you achieve them.

Fear, how to deal with it and how to overcome it

Flow on into being able to make good choices, enjoy healthy relationships.

More About the Founders

Nina Christian is a serial entrepreneur, who is experienced in starting, growing and selling businesses.

In 2000 she co-founded and successfully exited a startup of international renown that brought a slice of home to Aussies living abroad, featured in Forbes Magazine, which was one of Australia’s pioneering e-commerce sites.

Nina founded Braveda, a marketing agency that works with startups, small business and multi-nationals, and has run the agency continuously for 17 years. During this time she had five children.

She sees the interconnectivity within the marketplace with a strong track record in technology and innovation.

Nina is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, currently serves on the AMI’s State Committee (Vic) and was a Judge of 2016 and 2017 AMI Marketing Excellence Awards.

She enjoys the outdoors, is an active CrossFitter, and after 3pm most days is off-duty having fun with her young children and doing mum stuff.

Weaving business, social enterprise, and family together each day is one huge adventure in itself and she counts herself blessed to reap the benefits an entrepreneurial outlook can offer women of our time.

From an early age Vanessa had a great love for business. Then, a horrific accident in her childhood confined her to a wheelchair and her dreams of being a business woman were put on hold.

After rebuilding her strength she went on to develop her love of business, a love she has taken across the world from brand marketing for Nike in Europe, account managing shareholder events for FTSE 100 companies in London to creating her own marketing agency in Australia.


Vanessa worked directly with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on a number of occasions including three events for the NHS and a series of crisis events for ‘UK Mad Cows Crisis’. She has also had several Australian government departments as clients of her company, The Necessary Group, a successful industry and economic development consultancy.

She was a previously the President of the Australian Marketing Institute in Tasmania

Currently Vanessa leads Long Tail Property (link to lon – a company she co-founded that is transforming the property landscape in Australia by creating telecommunications and electricity infrastructure for inner-city apartment living.

Vanessa is a motivational speaker for young girls and business women, and serves on a number of not-for-profit boards.