2 Day EntreprenHer
Program For Girls



girls impacted
each month



We overcome the biggest challenges
girls and young women face by teaching
life-skills, problem-solving, vocational skills
of the future, while building confidence
community and relational literacy.


So glad you dropped by.

We want to show you things CAN be different. So VERY different. We’re excited for you.

Who is it for?

Teenage girls who want to increase their self-confidence, knowledge of the workplace, learn how to start a business, develop problem-solving and lots of other skills essential to being a successful entrepreneur.

Most importantly you’ll gain the confidence to speak up – be inspired to build a life you will love!

What would life look like if you could…

  • Speak up, step out, take a risk, learn from failure, and get back up again
  • Set goals, open doors and keep pushing, until you achieve them.
  • Become a “doer” not a spectator.
  • Gain valuable life and professional skills, such as marketing, negotiating, creativity, communication
  • Passionately love life, see possibilities around you, and have vision for the future
  • Find out what real-world connections and business pathways there are for girls just like you.

That is what our community is for.

EntreprenHer™ delivers inspiration, encouragement, practical real-world skills and connections, that has its roots in entrepreneurship.

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The art and science of building a great life. How celebrities, sports people and entrepreneurs rise to the top and how you can use the tricks too.

The most valuable skills for Business and Life. How to speak up, step out, take a risk, learn from failure and get back up again.

The magic of thinking big. How thinking small about your life, goals and your future will make it harder.

Set goals, open doors and keep pushing until you achieve them.

Problems in the world and how we can solve them. A fun group brainstorm of how to solve the toughest problems globally.

Confidently market an idea, and yourself.

Where to next. How to keep the tools and tricks you have learnt alive when you’re feeling down.

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How Girls felt after participating in EntreprenHer™

of participants were inspired to start their own business
of participants felt connected with the group
felt included, important and valued
felt they could actually do what they wanted to do

The Team

Vanessa Cox

Vanessa Cox is a businesswoman, philanthropist and mum. With an inspirational story of triumph over adversity, and a voice that resonates with youth of all walks, she draws on her extensive business and personal experience to inspire help young women see a bigger future and be equipped to thrive in it.

Nina Christian

Nina Christian is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist and mum. She is driven to inspire and encourage vulnerable young women to identify their untapped potential, dream big, be equipped to navigate life’s toughest challenges and succeed in work and in life.

You have changed my life. Your story, your ideas expanded my thinking 10 times and after your talk I thought I could own my own business.
Listening to you I realise that anything is possible in my life.
And I realise I've wasted so much time. I wasted my entire primary school just mucking around when I could've been focused.

Lisa (14)

I've never heard of anyone around here being successful.
I really wanted to say thank you for taking the time to speak to us.
I've had troubles in my life too and it was great to see
that it just never stopped you.

Maya (13)

My mum and dad are divorced, we are poor, there is lots of crime and violence in my family.
I realised if it wasn't for you my life would never have changed.


I have noticed a huge difference in the girls who have been participating in the program. I see them using their voice and their words more confidently. Where there were previously problematic issues and the retreated, they are now able to talk about things that matter to them. I find them genuinely wanting to learn and talking about how they would like to make a difference in the world.

Assistant School Principal

We want to thank you for the experience and for inspiring us. You are great role models for young women around the world. Thank you so much for the knowledge. I’m basically just trying to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Leilarni (14)